Things to know:

You will need to complete the elements of the CBT in succession.

You will start with element A. 

You will need to complete all 5 elements successfully. 

You will need to complete element A before completing element B and C.

You must complete element A, B &C before you can complete element D

To complete E must have completed elements A, B, C and D)

All the element must be completed within 3 months of starting the modular CBT


On CB250F Geared Honda 

You will need:

Provisional UK driving licence or full car licence.

You would need to be 19 years to ride our Honda CBF250.

You will need an understanding of the Highway Code & Traffic Signs

You must wear suitable clothing to Element B&C and E CBT sessions:


• Motorcycle boots or sturdy footwear or boots that provide support and ankle protection

• Textile or leather motorcycle trousers or  heavy denim trousers

• Heavy denim jacket with several layers underneath or textile or leather motorcycle jacket

• Loan Helmet and Loan Motorcycle gloves  (subject to terms & conditions and availability)  

It is always best to have your own riding gear (including helmet and gloves) in any event





Terms and Conditions apply on booking