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Harry Shepherd Petrol Pony Storie

"A massive thank you to both Chrissy and Willem for helping me pass my CBT, mod 1 and mod 2. So helpful and very patient from the start which made the whole journey so much easier having not rode before. Thank you guys and see you soon!!"

Andrew's Petrol Pony Story

A massive thank you to both Willem & Chrissy for getting me through my Mod 1 & 2. The Guru ‘Willem’ helped me overcome my U Turns, as I was struggling & also cornering techniques to improve my riding. I’m sure he’s secretly a Jedi. Chrissy helped me to improve my riding & build my confidence leading up to my Mod 1 & 2. Chrissy’s experience & genuine encouragement shone through, not to mention her wicked sense of humor. Both Willem & Chrissy put me at ease during my training. It’s been an absolute pleasure, even getting soaked to the skin on our way to Scunthorpe test pad. Now I’m looking forward to my journey ahead. So….. don’t be a Phony, ride with Petrol Ponies.


Getting things


Another Successful RIder on the Road By Petrol  Ponies 

What an end to the week! Well done Pete, stonking pass. Mod 1 this morning then Mod 2 this afternoon.


Training Getting Done All Smiles All The Way

Della's Petrol Pony Story

"Well what can I say ….
What a great journey I have had with Willem & Chrissy. Outstanding training from me being absolutely useless to passing my Mod2 on Friday 6th if May. The standard of training is outstanding but never forgetting the laughs along the way, building up my confidence and making me realise that I am not as useless as I first thought I was.
I have loved every second of it and am really going to miss them both. I don’t do recommendations because each to their own but I cannot Recommend Willem Lowe and Chrissy enough.
Since Friday I have covered around 400 miles including….
Snake pass
Lovely riding round Peak District"



Dom's Petrol Pony Story

"Brilliant service from both Willem and Chrissy. Can’t thank them enough! They put together a bespoke training plan based around my training needs.


This in turn has led me to be a more confident and able rider.


See you around guys!"

Kev Webb’s Petrol Pony Story

My last motorbike was in 1980 and after breaking my leg in an accident I gave up on motorcycles until at the age of 58.


I decided to do my full motorbike license!


So I booked in with a training school and almost gave up, this was in part due to my anxiety and how the way the instructor made me feel. His attitude was lacking compassion and care.


I had bought a Triumph 500 Trophy in anticipation of passing my test and ticking an item off my bucket list but I nearly decided to sell my bike and give up.


Luckily I spoke to a friend and he recommended A1 motorcycle at the time they couldn’t help but Bros made a call to Willem Louw on my behalf, thankfully Petrol Ponies took me on.


Willem were brilliant and patience. The way in which they took me back to basics and help my anxiety and keeping me confident in my ability was a breath of fresh air.


In October of 2021 after almost a year of disappointment I passed my mod 1, one week later I passed my Mod 2 (first attempt)


I am forever great full to the lads at A1 and Andy especially for bringing me together with Willem and Chrissy.


Willem are fantastic training me and nurturing me to a great level of competence

Today the 6th of November one day after passing my full test at Rotherham DVSA


Thank you  Willem 


You are both stars in my eyes I’m forever grateful

And wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone

God bless you 

The power of one👍👍👍👍

kev success.jpg

Howard’s Story 

“At the start of my journey to getting my full bike license it was difficult to get a bike to fit me, I’m not a small guy. Then I found Willem Louw motor cycle guru training school, again a problem no bike to fit me however because I already own a Honda pan European which is the perfect size for me Willem suggested he could get me training on my own Chrissy his trainer took over most of my training, they were both fantastic giving me the encouragement and support I needed as it had been a long time since I had ridden a bike, I am 65 .I passed my mod 1 on 17 December and then after the Xmas break passed mod 2 on 7jan .Willem and Chrissy emphasized that this journey should be fun, and it certainly was, I cannot thank both of them enough and would highly recommend there training school to anyone, if they can get me through my mod 1 and mod 2 on a pan European they can get any one through on anything. Never a criticism always encouragement. I hold them both in high regard.”


Howard story out and about on new bike



Controlled stop
Slow Control

Our Happy Learners


Come Rain or Shine Petrol Ponies will get training done

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