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Terms and Conditions

1.1 The terms and conditions contain the agreement between Willem Louw Motorcycle Instructor and me (Trainee) for the provision of motorcycle training services. 

1.2 Willem Louw Motorcycle Instructor trading style Petrol Ponies further (referred to as Petrol Ponies) will be delivering said service session

1.3  The trainee further referred to as ( I )  I understand that the date and time of the booked session can only as a norm be moved in exceptional circumstances and no refunds will be entertained.

1.4 I declare that I have a UK driving licence (at least provisional) I undertake to just text Willem Louw Motorcycle Instructor my full name, licence number and Mobile number. 

1.5I undertake to a code to check your driving licence. Please find the link here

1.6Bring your own helmet & gloves (Petrol Ponies can loan you helmet and gloves if need be subject to terms of use and availability). Petrol Ponies will supply loan motorcycle or moped. Please bring sturdy boots, denim & a jacket will suffice (for the start but we will advise you further in element a course indue course). If you have riding gear then bring it please

1.7 I understand that pay paying for the session I accept the terms and conditions as set out.

1.8  You will need to complete the elements of the CBT in succession. You will start with element A. You will need to complete all 5 elements successfully.  You will need to complete element A before completing element B and C.

You must complete element A, B &C before you can complete element D To complete E must have completed elements A, B, C and D) All the element must be completed within 3 months of starting the modular CBT 

1.9 All practical sessions will On CB250F Geared Honda

2.I understand that I also share responsibility for my personal safety and the safety of my Instructor and other road users. I understand that I can and must inform my Instructor of any change in circumstance such as health and tiredness 

 3.I am fit and healthy, that I do not suffer from any other medical condition or disability (this specifically includes symptoms of corona virus or a cold during 2022) which is likely to adversely affect my normal control of a motorcycle or which make it unsafe for me to ride or otherwise participate in motorcycle training and that my eyesight (with appropriate corrective lenses if required to be worn) is adequate to safely operate a motorcycle on a motorcycle training day. 

 4.I understand that the risk is higher during the pandemic and it my responsibility to inform Willem Louw specifically of any risks surrounding my health and corona virus. I also understand that in a case of an incident the emergency services could take longer to deploy because of the pandemic and I accept this risk. 

 5 I understand that riding a motorcycle on a training area, public highway or public area has inherent risks that involve the possibility of bodily injury, and damage to property to myself, other road users and third parties. 

 6.I agree to save harmless and to keep indemnified Mr Willem Louw (and his instructors, employees, agents or representatives) and other persons using this facility and or any facility, private and or public road and or private or public space in used in connection with my training, from and against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of death of, or bodily injury to or damage to the property of myself howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with my participating in Training/Practice and notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of said bodies or persons. 

 7.Note that if I damage the loan motorcycle, high visibility vests and/or cause damage or injury to any third party’s property or person. I will be held responsible for a contribution to the insurance excess on the training schools Willem Louw Motorcycle Insurance policy. The contribution I agree to pay is £250 (Two Hundred and fifty pounds). if the damage cost is less than £250  then I agree to pay the lesser amount. I understand that Willem Louw reserves the right to stop the training and or cause in the event of an incident that causes any damage or injury in any circumstances that relates to me without refund of any money paid.   

8.I give consent that my data may be collected and stored by Willem Louw (and his employees, agents or representatives). Willem Louw data storing policy is available on request. 

 9.I give consent that Willem Louw may take photos and videos including audio recording of my training sessions. I understand that these images are the sole property of Willem Louw and that I have no rights to them. I also consent that these images may be used for any purpose including marketing of Willem Louw with any further permission. 

 10.I understand that I am responsible for any traffic violations whilst I am riding. 

11.I confirm I have a licence and that I have not been disqualified from driving or have any serious matter pending against me regarding my riding or driving. I am liable for any traffic violations and an administrative charge of £30 will be payable to Willem Louw in such incidents 

 12.I also confirm that If I do not feel sufficiently competent to conduct the training in the weather conditions prevailing that I would inform Willem Louw immediately

13. In case of any issue of complaint please contact Willem Louw

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