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Direct Access 

  • Must have UK provisional licence

  • Must have done a CBT on a geared bike with us or assessment session. 

  • You need to be 24 and older

  • Must have passed your motorcycle theory test

  • You must wear suitable clothing to sessions:

  • Motorcycle boots or sturdy footwear or boots that provide support and ankle protection

  • Textile or leather motorcycle trousers or  heavy denim trousers

  • Heavy denim jacket with several layers underneath or textile or leather motorcycle jacket

  • Helmet and motorcycle gloves  (loan available subject to terms & conditions)  

It is always best to have your own riding gear (including helmet and gloves) in any event

What is DAS?

If you are older than 24, you can have direct access to an unrestricted motorcycle licence.


Why choose us?

Direct Access Big Bike Training is what we focus on. I want to teach you how to ride an unrestricted bike safely in a fun way. That's our goal. We only teach Direct Access One to One. You are always number One with me


Who can access the DAS Scheme?

You have held a A2 Licence for 2 years or  the age 24 and above.

What sets our Direct Access Scheme Courses apart?

 You will be taught by Willem . You will be taught how to properly ride not just how to pass your test. I care that you become a safe competent rider. That's why you should come to me.

What motorcycles are used to do DAS tests?

You will be using one of our Suzuki Gladius.

What is needed to do DAS(Direct Access Scheme)?

You must pass the DVSA motorcycle theory test (lasts 2 years) and have done a geared CBT in the past two years or have done a assessment ride with me and have (at least a automatic CBT) before you can do your DVSA motorcycle practical test.

Do I have to pass Module 1 before I can do Module 2?

Yes must pass Mod One before you can progress the next module (Mod Two) of the practical test.

Where will my DAS(Direct Access scheme) training take place?


Your Module 1 part of your motorcycle training will take place on our bike training area at Robin Hood Airport, Finningley Doncaster and on the DVSA Test Pad either in Rotherham or Scunthorpe. Your Module 2 part of you bike licence training (road motorcycle training) will take place from my park and ride facilities in Rotherham and in Rotherham around the DVSA Test Centre (after initial training around Robin Hood Airport) .

Where will my DAS MOD 1 & 2 tests take place?

Your Module 1 & 2 parts of your bike licence test will be at the Rotherham DVSA Test Centre or Scunthrorpe DVSA Test Centre.  

One to One
3 Hr Session

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  • 3 hour big bike riding session

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6 Hour Riding Session

  • 6 hour big bike riding session

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