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Modular CBT ELEMENT B - C (bike controls &
practical on-site riding)
One to One

You will need to complete all five elements of the CBT in succession.

You will need to complete all 5 elements successfully. 

You will need to complete element A before completing element B and C.

On CB250F Geared Honda or 

Honda Vision moped

You will need:

Provisional UK driving licence or full car licence.

You would need to be 16 years and older to ride the moped and 19 years old for 250cc

You must wear suitable clothing to Element B&C

Element B

We will teach you the motorcycle controls and basic motorcycle safety checks. We will teach you how to put the motorcycle on its stands and how to wheel the motorcycle around and how to brake to stop. We will also teach you how to start and stop the engine

Element C

We will teach you how to:

  1.  Ride in a straight line and stop

  2.  Ride slowly under control

  3.  To use your both brakes in a controlled manner

  4.  To change gear (if applicable)

  5.  Ride a figure of eight

  6.  Emergency Stop

  7.  Do proper rear observations

  8.  Turn right and left (simulated junctions)- Simulated turns using OSM/PSL (Observation, Signal Manoeuvre (Position Speed Look)

  9.   Do a U-Turn


Terms and Conditions apply on booking

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Motorcycle Wheel
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